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no a narrative paragraph does not have to tell a true story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Writing to tell is a narrative paragraph!!!!!!!!!!!!
example is below:
I'm not sure who saw the wasp first, but everybody seemed to start yelling at the same time. Some kids dived under their desks. The heroes went after it with books, papers, and even a football. The whole thing ended when the wasp used its brain and flew out the window.
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helo pls..........who can help me to expalin about the paragraph development.
all the function and use of the paragraph develpment
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i was wondering how can i start my narration paragraph off with the topic moving though time
Please read [url=http://esl.about.com/b/2004/04/30/writing-narrative-paragraphs.htm ]THIS[/url] and try writing a paragraph yourself.
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. . .because some college students don't know the importance of the paragraph..
. . .they are dependent to the teachers or to the book..
. . .even me a college student, don't know the real or deep meaning of a paragraph..
. . .we are making or writing paragraphs but when a person asks us what kind of paragraph it is, we can't answer them accurately...
. . .paragraph needs unity, means oneness of ideas...

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yes same question does it have to be true
No, it doesn't have to be true.

so what is the purpose and audience for the narrative
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Purpose - Why are you writing this?
Audience - Who do you think is going to read it? Or Who do you want to read this?

eg I write a story about a man's death from lung cancer.

My purpose might be to try to stop people from smoking.

My audience might be people who smoke.

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