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haha i'm in grade 8 and am writing a narritive paragraph ... and u got into colloge
i think that you should be creative to create a narrative paragraph.

it can attract people to read ur stories til end
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I was thinking the same thing.
I am in my first year wrt and I have my first narrative paragraph paper due. Having problems with it if you can help I am open to suggestions.
yes it was a story.
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I'm in grade 9 and I have to write a narrative paragraph for my English class and I have no idea what to write about ! Emotion: sadEmotion: embarrassed If you have any ideas please let me know !! Thanks a bunch Emotion: smile
well we have to write one in my grade 10 english class but my teacher is a pain so we have to write to rough drafts and then pick the one we like the most and guess what re-write it in a good copy here are the topic suggestions he gave us. My Most embarrasing moment,Alone, Teacher for a day, My Plan Backfired, Lost, Trapped, A difficult Decision, Disaster. so basically all boring topics the easy ones seem to be lost and a difficult decision.
It is a paragraph used to tell a story or a sequence of events.
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A narrative paragraph basically tells a personal experience that happened to you. I tells about something that recently happened to you. Such as, what you did yesterday, what you did over vacation, or something that you did on the weekends. This kind of paragraph is quite easy if you no how to .. I wish you good luck of your paper, and I hope my information helped you out.
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