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a narrative paragraph is like for example, what is your routine everyday. see that is a narrative paragraph. so i hope you do great on the test or whatever.


caroline and abby
A narrative paragragh is a paragraph that tells a story.No it does not have to be true!GOOD LUCK!
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Yesterday evening I got home from school around 4 o'clock. My mother had dinner prepared which we ate as soon as Dad came home from work. After eating, I helped mother clear the table and do the dishes. After we got the kitchen cleaned, I had to sit and do my homework. Mother always says, "No television until your homework is done". I finally got my math finished, so I went into the family room and turned on the television. I was watching American Idol, when the phone rang. It was my best friend, Amy. I talked to her for awhile then it was time for bed. I put on my pajamas and turned on my favorite cd. I finally started to get sleepy around 9:30. The next thing I knew, mother was calling me to get ready for school.
i have to write one for my 7th grade class due tomorrow! thx for the help people!
A narative paragraph is just Narerating the story. From a point of veiw. Pretty Much just telling a story.

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a narrative paragraph is a story. they are the same.good luck in writing your own story.Emotion: big smile
i have to write one too and my teacher wants long .... I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just cant think of a story to tell
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weel im in seventh and righting a narrative paragraph
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