What is your national dish?I'd like to know more about eating habits in different countries!
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Pasta & Pizza are the most 'famous'.

In Poland the most famous dish is "bigos". It is made from sausage, mushrooms an sauerkraut. Another very popular course are dumplings field with cheese, meat or mushrooms. It's called "pierogi". And another one is "gołąbki". It's a dish made of rice and meat which are put in cabbage. It is served with tomato sauce.

Generally Polish cuisine is tasty but quite stodgy and fat.

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What could be more "American" than a hamburger and French fries?
Ah, dear old Hamburgers! Emotion: big smile

Nothing better than Hamburgers and French fries.

Kebaps & Turkish pizza(lahmacun) are the well known...Emotion: wink
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The_legendKebaps & Turkish pizza(lahmacun) are the well known...Emotion: wink
No, pleeeeeeeease. I don't think I'll ever eat a Kebab again.

mansaf, mlokhieh, fatoooosh....fatosh is my fav Emotion: smile
Tricky to pick just one.

Roast beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.
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