hi~~ do all of you like to watch National Treasure?? I think it is a good film, it is amazing~~
I like the way how the characters find out the treasure... what about you??
Yeah, I also like this movie. And I love Sean Bean in it so much !Emotion: wink
The best part of the movie has to be Diane Kruger!! Her butt is kinda big but other than that she is hooooottttt---shes also in Troy as Helen of Troy.
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I also like this movie. Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors. This film is really action-packed and the story is very gripping but, I think, it's a bit similar to Lara Croft.
Well..... there is not doubt ........National Treasure is a good movie.....
However ..... I expect more than that before I got into the theatre........anyway....that's alreally very nice....I enjoy watching it very much ***
I like the movie but it is kind of big American spirit...what do you think?
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In my opinion, it's completely American! You know, the end with such treasures from all over the world, with such a feeling of power... I think it is a kind of innate spirit Americans have. They want to be part of human history from the beginning!

I enjoyed the film though. :-)

I didn't see the movie, but in some way I feel I won't like it. An egyptian treasure related in some way to the declaration of independence of the United States? It seems they felt they HAD to be related in some way to it. Because it wasn't in the declaration of independence of Honduras or anywhere else... Emotion: tongue tied