Hey everybody,

I know that there are people here from many different countries and that's why I post this here.

I have to ask you all for a favour. I’m doing this project at school and it’s about the phenomenon "nationalism"

I need to do this project in order to graduate from my high school.

You guys can help me out a great deal, if you would be kind enough to answer some of my questions.

First of I’d like to know how old you are and what country you are from.

And then I have the following question:

1) Are you proud of your country and to be a citizen of it? and why?

2) Do you know a lot about the history of your country? and how come you do/ don’t?

3) Do you consider yourself being nationalistic?

4) How nationalistic are the people in your country, generally speaking.

5) How do you think outsiders regard your country?

You don’t necessarily have to answer all the questions if you don’t want to. I would already be glad with two or three question answered.

So anyway, you can reply to this message or send me an email: Email Removed

Thanks for reading and I hope you contact me. I’d really appreciate it.
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Hi, I would like to answer these questions,

but before that, I would like to give you an advice, if you want to know anything from anybody or if you want to get to know anything first you should tell who you are (NAME) would do good, so that, members can address you in your name. ( and don't take it personally).

Now the back to answer the questions.

Let me introduce my self, I am Danny, from India, and I am 23yrs.

Ans 1, I am proud to be an INDIAN, and I love my country very much. The reason is, because of its rich & diverse culture, religions, language, traditions , craze about CRICKET, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY and other sports, etc..........

No, county has over 1000 and odd language, no county has festivals everyday round the year, there is some or the other festival of over 1000 and odd caste and subcaste, and other religious groups to celebrate. There's always some or the other thing which turn the people of India on.

I know that I haven't done justification to this question, but I have said you all that came into my mind. Emotion: big smile .

Ans 2, Yes, I know alot about the history of my country, and most important of all the INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT.

History is been taught in the Schools and College, and for me, my grand pa and other family members have sacrificed their lifes for the freedom of India, and the School which I studied had some influence on me to know alot about the history of my country. And my mother and dad also played a part in influencing me.

And, one cannot forget the great battles, the empires and dynasties which ruled India.

Ans 3, I consider myself being nationalistic, why should we bow down our heads in front of others, we have got the same witts and resources and strength, mind and other important things that a country needs to come up or grow Politically, Economically, Social etc...... Why should any god damn tom, dick and harry, come and teach us what is culture, what is religion what is growth.

Ans 4, It depends on the mindset, but let me tell you that Indians are not sychopants, they will work their way through with heart and soul, they never accept failure......................

Ans 5, For outside world we are a powerful country, which is growing economically and politically, and showing the whole world that INDIA is second to none.To speak frankly they look to us a fierce competitors.

I hope this would give you an idea about India and its people.

Emotion: smile

bye bye...........

for now awaiting your reply.

but don't forget to answer the question yourself.
On friendly request/ advice from Danny, I'll intoduce myself: Hi, my name is Charlotte and I'm 18 years old.

And thanks Danny for replying, it's really usefull and I really appreciate it.
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Hi, Charlotte, how are u, I am fine thank you,

and tell where do you come from.

Awaiting your reply

bye bye........

from Danny

Let me start by complying to the more than right suggestion made by Jr Danny.

I' am Adomi

1) Are you proud of your country and to be a citizen of it? and why?

I'm from Cameroon, Central Africa. and.....of course I' am Proud of my country, because of many reasons I can't just have the time and space to state here. Just to list a few of them, Its population is very diversied, with more than 200 tribes and counting, and an equal number of tribal languages.You might think : "Oh my god! How do they communicate with each other?"Well, we simply use one of what we call our two "national languages", French and English, enherited from colonialization. It's the only country in Central Africa with two international languages. Cameroon is called Africa in Miniature, because all the kind of relief(desert, hills ..etc), forest, climates, customs and even Bantou languages, that are specific to indivual countries in Africa are present in Cameroon. Any African will feel at home in Cameroon, so will any foreigner. It's position in Central Africa is a strategic asset, that's why it's often called: "the door to Central Africa" . Last, but not least, our national football team. It's ranked as one of the best, not only in Africa, but all over the world.

2) Do you know a lot about the history of your country? and how come you do/ don’t?

How much do I know of my country? Well I can't tell, but I think I know enough to tell anybody the very few he/she needs to know. We are taught HISTORY OF CAMEROON in primary and high school, and somebody can also take it in University, as specialization. My grand-parents also contributed to my education of the history of Cameroon.

3) Do you consider yourself being nationalistic?

If by nationalist you mean somebody who loves his country, well, Had I not been a Nationalist, I'd have never taken part to this thread and you'd have never been reading this post

4) How nationalistic are the people in your country, generally speaking.

Cameroon is a developping country and has its load of problems which can lead someone to think, whenever there are conflicts, that, Cameroonians aren't that much nationalists. That's not true at all. Cameroonian love their country and work very hard to improve its status. I think they are very nationalist.(If by nationalist you mean somebody who loves his country)

5) How do you think outsiders regard your country?

Well, the views are differents, from person to person, country to country, even from Cameroonian to Cameroonian. But whatever they say, I think we should take it as suggestions, and work it out so that our country should benefit from it.

Sometimes people say bad things about Cameroon, that are true. But does it make me any less of a Cameroonian? No! Am I ashame of being a Cameroonian? No, but sad, yes.Sometimes, I feel horrible. Do I blame it on someone? I blame it on all of us, and yet I'm still proud of being a Cameroonian. Nobody's perfect. Every country has its flaws and shortcoming. We should admit ours, and try to fix them.

Likewise, when someone makes a nice comment on my country, or on Africa, I feel good, and I'm proud of being an African, I'm proud of being a Cameroonian.

When it comes to something untrue said about my country, well, I just make a pity smile, and walk my way, faking to pay attention to what is being said.
I'm 45, from Australia.
1) Are you proud of your country and to be a citizen of it? and why?
Yes I am proud of Australia and to be an Australian. I am a 5th generation Australian, which is very unusual because we are such a young country most people are only first or second generation Australians. Some things about Australia I am not proud of. Like how the Aboriginal people were treated in the past. But on the whole I think we have a wonderful lifestyle here. We take care of our sick and our poor, we educate our children and are tollerant of people of different cultures and all religions.

2) Do you know a lot about the history of your country? and why?
When I went through school we did not really learn the history of Australia. We learnt English history and the history of the English in Australia. Now it has gone to the other extreme, my children seem to learn only about Aboriginal history and culture in Australia.
I think I know more about Australian history than most people because I have read up on it since.
There is lots to be proud of.

Do you consider yourself being nationalistic?
4) How nationalistic are the people in your country, generally speaking.
Hard question because it is relative. Compared to Americans I would say not very. But we are becoming more nationalistic every year. The growth in patriotism has been very strong within the last 10 years.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi !!!

5) How do you thing outsiders regard your country?
I think people from other country's have a positive image of Australia.
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1) Are you proud of your country and to be a citizen of it? and why?
No. I'm proud of the great country, naturally speaking, we are. Our nature is awsome, our beaches are great but that's all about it. I don't like most of the people from Brazil. Brazilians don't know what to do on the election day and we have the worse politicians a country can have. Our cuture is lost. It's all about damn Carnaval (Carnival), one week of free, senseless and shameless orgies, violence, no laws and no order.

2) Do you know a lot about the history of your country? and how come you do/ don’t?
Yes. I mean, more or less. I know what I've been taught in school. I never felt like learning much more than that. Our history is a porno tale.

3) Do you consider yourself being nationalistic?
With all the things I just listed about Brazil, yes. I'm a nationalistic in my own way. I hope to see an Iron Fist government that will bring order to this country.

4) How nationalistic are the people in your country, generally speaking.
Well, wearing a brazilian soccer team t-shirt is not being a nationalistc. What's it a nationalistic act? It's to do something you now it will be good for everyone and that does not happen here. So, brazilian nationalism is all about wearing a brazilian t-shirt when we win a WorldCup.

5) How do you think outsiders regard your country?
They see it as a county where they can do everything and anything will stop them. And they are right, that's what happens. Where else in the world can an European can have sex with a 10-years-old prostitute, in the eyes of the law, and nothing happens? Where else in the world they can stay one week during Carnival, spending a little money (because our money has no value), having lots of drinks and not having to beware the law? Yes, welcome to Brazil.

Ps: there are awsome people here in Brazil, hands down here, but most of the people suck. IMHO.
Robyn, are you a skinhead yourself?
LOL, no Lulla I am not a skinhead.
I am a 45 year old mother of adult children and I have a full head of hair.

BTW. I have friends who have worked in Brazil for years, and others who have visited there to teach English. They all love Brazil and it's people, though what they do have to say about the behavior of some Brazillians and the poverty is awful. In every community there are people who are just plain bad to the core and you also have those who shine.

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