I offer private english classes to groups, individuals, and companies in Mexico City. I have a professional university degree as well a ESL diploma. Any other information can be obtained on my website
http://englishclasesinmexico.freeservers.com /
Hi Crystal!
I am a 23 year old recent University Graduate from Canada and I noticed your message on a google search. I am looking to work in Mexico, and was wondering if you might need any assitance? Also, I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to how much I could expect to pay in monthly rent and so on. My boyfriend of 4 years lives in Mexico City and so I am looking to move there while he finishes up his last year of University at the Tec de Monterrey. If you could give me any help at all, it would be greatly appreciated.
Hope to hear from you soon Crystal!
Pamela Danyleko

I'm Looking for a native teacher and i'm willing to pay what you charge per hour.

Can you please contact me?

Just ask for:
Diego Hernández
Victoria Lara

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Hi! I´m interested in private english classes. I guess I just need to practice as much as I can to be more fluent and also to reinforce my gramar skills. My cell phone is [ 5513841761. Removed by moderator. Please do not post personal details. If you register, you can put this information in your profile.]
Hello are You will in México City ?

Ni Crystal I am interested about your english lessons. Could write me at Email Removed?

Thanks in advance

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