My friends and I are doing a final project on the knowledge of the English language of the Dutch people. We’re trying to find out whether there is a difference between the English of the Dutch and the English of English native speakers and if so, where the difference lies. Right now we're looking for English native speakers, so that's why I'm here to ask for YOUR help! Emotion: smile

I've made an online survey and wondered if you guys and girls would be so kind to fill it out. It's about 63 (!) sentences and you have to indicate if you find a sentence (un)acceptable, comments are greatly appreciated. The survey will take about 10 minutes.

Thank you!
I tried to enter some comments, and got this message.
Please select the 'Other' option if you want to enter free text.

However, there is no 'other' option.

Ah, if you want to leave a comment, please check the 'Comment' box too!
Thank you for taking the time to fill it out! Emotion: smile