Good evening.

My name is Nadia Skacanova. I´ve got language school in Slovakia. In these days, we are looking for native English teacher for online teaching our students via Skype.

For more details, please contact us.

Thanks for all messages.
Hello Nadia,
I sent my CV today using the email address in your contacts. I hope to hear from you soon....please see my email and Skype information in my profile.....thank you very much, Jenn
Hi My name is Alexander. I am from Russia. my nickname in [deleted. Please give contact information in your profile]
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Hello Nadia. I'm a native English teacher with 20 years of experience of private classes here in Spain. I have some free time in the mornings. I look forward to your reply. Regards, Mark Callan.
my name is mary and i have been teaching english for over 10 years if you would like to see my resume and talk to me about your position please contact me.
i am from the uk and i live in turkey
thank you for your time