Is she a native English speaker?

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Sounds like a British accent, if the recording was a bit longer it would be easier to tell.
I'm still unable to open any of the files you've posted here or elsewhere, with either QuickTime or RealPlayer, Jobb. Sorry.
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I had that problem, Mr. M.

Re 'GM' - I think this is definitely a native English speaker. She is making an announcement over a tannoy
MM, could I suggest you go to [url="http://www.quickzip.org /"]here[/url]
(/) to download (free) quickzip, with which you can open any zip files. I have been wondering why you, one of the best English teachers online didn't give me any suggestion in speaking English.

Abbie, I admire you that you have a good ear! The speaker is the winner with highest score in the National English Speaking Competition 2004 in China, reflecting the highest English-speaking level of Chinese college students.
I have been wondering why you, one of the best English teachers online didn't give me any suggestion in speaking English.

Did you ask for some?

The best way to learn how to speak English is to listen to good quality spoken English (in the accent of your choice if you wish), repeat it and talk in English as much as you can, with your fellow students and other Eng. speakers.

If you can get some story tapes, listen to these, then record yourself saying the same words. Play back, listen to yourself, and see which areas you need to work on.

If you are in China, it is possible that you will have particular difficulties will 'l' and 'r', so you need lots of practice here.

See if you can get a book which shows you the position of the mouth and tongue for making the various sounds.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, but do be prepared to correct yourself and learn whilst you are speaking.

By all means, listen to pop songs, but try to get the lyrics and see where these are not grammatically correct (as they so often are not)

Watch films etc., but be careful not to pick up bad habits, bad language and slang.

A critical approach to both pop songs and films is good.

Practise, practise, practise! Emotion: smile
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Here in China so many guys said Microsoft Text-to-Speech could sound standard AmE, and now it turned to be robot-like, unnatural and unreal voice.

Please help me to check out the voice in www.webster.com. Every word there has a pronunciation, which sounds much like the voice that Microsoft Text-to-Speech makes. I am not sure if we Chinese readers can learn webster's pronunciation as standard AmE voice.
Thank you, Jobb! I had downloaded a trial of Stuffit, which seems to be useless. Your QuickZip runs through a lot of screens, but it plays your prize-winning speaker nicely, and her English sounds very good.

The pronunciation at www.webster.com also sounds fine, whether it is artificially generated or not. If second/foreign language learners can learn the Webster pronunciations, they will have a native-sounding American accent and excellent pronunciation skills.
You confirmation is a big relief for me. From now on, I will check out the pronunciation there for every word that comes to my ears or appears before my eyes.

Thank you again.
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