Could you please, as native speakers see if it is OK to say:

1) the definite summer theatrical destination (when the destination cannot be avoided because it so great)

2) artistic place (perhaps location?)

3) The fifth year of XY theatre sees Hamlet through the eyes of modern man? (or stages a modern Hamlet or sth similar?)

4) aboard this ship there was place for...

5) can voices and instruments fill spaces?

6) people of good will built pieces of their souls into this story

7) to join somebody on stage (shouldn't here be definite article if we know which play?)

8) to keep the ship afloat in the conditions that were both, difficult and motivating at the same time (is here something redundant?)

9) in such constelation, new bonds among people are created (is it OK to use it in other contexts except stars?)

Thank you for your effort
1) I think that "definitive" works better than "definite."

2) "Location" sounds better in my opinion.

3) I would say "the theatre stages a modern version of Hamlet".

4) That sounds fine to me, except that there should be an "a" preceding the word "place".

5) Certainly they can.

6) That does sound a bit awkward to me. I think that saying they "put pieces of themselves into this story", or that they "drew inspiration from their souls while shaping this story" sounds somewhat better.

7) A definite article isn't necessary because "onstage" should be a single word. However, to say "on the stage" is perfectly fine as well.

8) Yes, it is redundant. Remove either "both" or "at the same time" as well as the comma. Also, it is difficult to imagine how conditions could be "motivating".

9) Any word can be used metaphorically, but "constellation" does sound a bit odd in that context.

Good luck with this exercise!
Thank you very much Young Californian!

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