The Melbourne Institute of Language Studies (MILS) in Jakarta (Indonesia) is a Non-Profit Organization operating in the field of Education since 2009 providing Language Courses in its training center located in West Jakarta & Language Sessions in several partner schools around Jakarta & also to children in small villages around Indonesia.

We are seeking Native English Teachers for immediate hire, with the following criteria:

  1. A holder of passport of a native English speaking country (USA, UK, AUS, NZ, Canada).
  2. Someone fun, pleasant, decent, & presentable.
  3. University Degree (Fresh graduates are welcome to apply).
  4. Certified in Teaching ESL is a plus.
  5. Great communication skills & ability to positively interact with Children & Adults.

If the above criteria describes you, please send us:

  1. Your detailed CV with recent photo.
  2. Whatsapp contact number
  3. Subject line: "KL-English JKT"

To the following email: Email Removed">Email Removed

(Part-time & Full-time positions are available)

Our Team of Professionals enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Competitive salaries, allowances, health care, & opportunity for growth.
  2. Visa Sponsorship provided (ALL COSTS PAID; including any travel costs required during process)
  3. Meet, greet, & pick up at the airport (drop off at housing).
  4. Also transportation to & from work locations is provided free of charge.
  5. Temporary accommodation provided upon arrival & help finding your own place after arrival.
  6. Extremely friendly & warm work environment, occasional employee group trips, etc.
  7. Personal Support in all aspects of professional, cultural, & social nature.
  8. Paid annual vacations during national holidays & school holidays (around 3 months annually).

Great Opportunity! Grab it NOW!

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