My Comcast homepage this afternoon had an article about "20 chic-flicks your guy can't help but to enjoy". The "to" sounded strange to me, but upon thinking about it I felt it might be just fine. Any ideas?
"to" sounds wrong to me (and shouldn't it be "chick-flicks"?)
It sounds odd to me too. I would leave it out, thus "can't help but enjoy."
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Hi Philip,

I wouldn't say it's wrong, but it seems unnecessary to me.

When I google 'Can't help but to', I apparently get 62,000 hits. But of course you find all manner of strange stuff there, don't you?

I thought a 'chic-flick' was a French film for intellectuals.

Sorry, everyone! I can't claim that "chic" was a typo on my part: I just don't know how to spell "chick".

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I'd say "wrong". The "help but" pattern takes a bare infinitive.
Expressing myself strongly on this subject is something I can't help but to do.

Google probably counted all manner of combinations where the constituent structure was different as in:

I know she was just trying to help, but to speak so rudely was really not necessary.

Tres chic, n'est-ce pas?

Google doesn't respect punctuation or any other barriers between sentential constituents.

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Oui, mon ami, très chick.

Hope you had a great Bastille Day; I did.