Is "If this friendship is like a burden on you, why did you start it in the first place?" Natural?
Do you have any suggestions for a better, more natural way of putting this into words?
Thank you.


“If this friendship is a burden on you, why did you start it in the first place?”

This is how I would express this idea, as a native American English speaker. Your version is ok, but the word “like” is unnecessary, since the word “burden” can refer to an emotional or social burden as well as a physical one.


"If our friendship is like burden to you, why did you make friends in the first place?"

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Thank you for your response.

When I used 'like', I was uncertain, and still am, about the real reason behind the behavior of my friend. You know, the man recently responded to me as if he was reluctant in doing so. The last two time I asked him to meet in person, he didn't even respond if he had time for it, so I felt as if I was imposing on him, and where is the fun in spending time with someone who doesn't express any delight when he sees you? So, that was somehow a question in itself, "is it really a burden to you to remain friend with me or is it something else that I haven't realized yet?"

Again, thank you for your response.

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