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Nowadays, people have less and less awareness of the importance of the natural world. This passage will tell us why this problem occurs and how people can learn more about the natural world.
People are becoming less and less aware of the natural world day by day because in modern cities there are only high-rise buildings, there is not much space for nature. And people today are very busy, they only spend time working to earn money to support themselves. Those children are not taught much knowledge about the natural world at school, most of their free time will be spent playing video games, using the phone or watching television. Everyone has their own business and is becoming more and more indifferent, indifferent to the natural world, which has greatly helped our lives.
In my opinion, we need to organize more activities except the course, visit the natural world so that people can learn more knowledge about us. In addition, schools should also educate young children so that we understand the importance of the natural world from an early age. We can also post information about the natural world on social networking sites and TV shows to let more people know about it.
The natural world is extremely important to us humans. Without a deep understanding of the natural world, this will gradually lead to terrible disasters. So each of us should be aware of this and take action to protect the natural world around us.

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