Greetings from Mexico.... I have some doubts regarding to the pronunciation of the following words.
I have to make an interview with a Texan teacher in two days. I will appreciate some help with this pronunciation issue.

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necessarily, pleasant, disagreeable, pedagogical, textures, taught, enhance, inner-potential, easily, industrious, exert, stint, self-sufficient.
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While you get more answers from people of EF, you can check the sound of some of those words in www.m-w.com

Is your name a reference to the chichimeca leader?
Thanks for your prompt reply Elena !

I have already verified in the M-Webster online page... I would like to know if you have some information regarding to an online address in wich i can find the british pronunciation?

My nickname is the same of that chichimeca leader, but (im amazed for your precolumbian american continent history knowledge) is not precisely for him. Xólotl is one of the Aztec's gods, the transmutation god. Xòlotl is the twin of Quetzalcoàtl both represent the planet venus in the astronomical-astrological Calender called The Stone of the Sun. Through centuries there were many important ancient Mexico's personages with the same name (all because of the God) One of those important leaders or kings was the Xòlotl that you mentioned above.

Thanks again for your support ¡