hey can you guys help me out a little here

basically I just need 20 words that I would usually hear somewhere(not in the book) well I dont hear that much new words everday so I dont know what the heck to write down

by the way words need to be little complex and not just the easy ones that we hear in everyday life..

so anyways if some of you chip in a little it will be a great help to me cause I have way to much to study for today and this also needs to be done..

if you could write it something like this

ludicrous - and lets say in what situtation you heard it.. so "my friend was talking to my dad and he said bush was ludicrous"

thanks again.. every single word counts

P.S i feel like a bum
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I hope these will help to get you started.
Florist; I bought some flowers for my Mother at the florist.
Appear; An aeroplane suddenly appeared in the sky, but then it disappeared behind a cloud.
Photocopy; I need to find a photocopier so that I can photocopy my award.
Cigarette; I feel like [having] a cigarette.
I'll chip in with a few more:

Toaster - You'd better take the bread out of the toaster - it's burning!
Dentist - I've got terrible toothache, I'll have to go to the dentist.
Unicycle - I got a unicycle for my birthday.
Postman - Look the postman's coming, I hope he's got some letters for me.
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you guys got anything more complex? words that you dont usually hear every day?

"big words"
The existentialist...thinks it very distressing that God does not exist, because all possibility of finding values in a heaven of ideas disappears along with Him; there can no longer be a priori of God, since there is no infinite and perfect consciousness to think it. --Jean Paul Sartre
Parsimonious - My father is so parsimonious, he never gives me anything!
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Since it commands the only land route between two large areas and is on two seas, an isthmus has great strategical and commercial importance and is a favorable situation for a city.
Making a pit stop is seconds of frenetic activity, punctuated by long periods of inactivity.
Diluvial - Not since 1935 have Houstonians seen the magnitude of diluvial disaster experienced the last few days in the wake of Tropical Storm Allison.
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