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I am unsure if this is the correct thread to post this in so bear with me if I made a mistake. My question is, I've been tasked to create a name of a new scheme that my company is intending to implement. Essentially, the scheme is just to dangle a certain monetary amount to interested people to take up a specified job. The scheme's name is something along the lines of Subject _______ Scheme where the blank is the word which I can't really think of at the moment. It has to be of a positive meaning, yet it cannot be too obvious that we are solely using money as an incentive. Words like privlege/award/bonus/specialization/grant have been rejected. Also the word cannot convey the meaning that the applicants are privlege in a sense as we already have a seperate scheme for people who meet certain criteria. I know it's a little awkward in a sense but I'll accept any contributions.

I thank you for your time.

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What does 'Subject' mean here, Drendal? The grammar of your 3-word name is a bit penumbrous.

I thank you for your reply. As the company i work in is involved in the education sector, Subject would be an education subject. And our target group are educated people in some sense.

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Hmmm something similar to an engagement bonus if you will. But the higher ups dislike the term engagement. Have been working with the thesaurus the whole day but to no avail Emotion: sad
What about incentive itself?-- it is a word often used in this context.
Once again I thank you for your reply.
I have tried the word incentive, but apparently that word makes it too obvious that it is a carrot-on-a-stick scheme for them. That is why I need a rather specific word.
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Just a side note - you are using the word "scheme," which often has negative connotations. A scheme takes advantage of people. Perhaps you want to use a word like "program" instead.
Thanks for the enlightenment. You make it sound like the place I'm working in is doing an evil deed lol. I'll keep that in mind, would you by any chance have any ideas for the middle word?
No, I'm with the others who think "incentive" is the best word.
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