Need a help to finding BEst English Grammar Book!!
I'm new student, came from Vietnam to USA..now i'm taking HighSchool but i got some problems with English Because i forgot alot about English Grammar and Sentence Structure.
So Brothers, please advise me some Best Book for Re-taking English Grammar easily,fasterly, successfully and economically:-P or Emotion: stick out tongue.Thankyou bros
Hi Kehiltonus-- welcome to English Forums.

One good and popular book is Michael Swan's Practical English Usage. If you want economy, why not study on the internet? There are many good sites; here's [url="http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar /"]A GOOD ONE[/url].
That's a terrible site, Mr M. It is riddled with falsehoods.
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Thank you Mr Micawber for your help, I think it is a nice site.

Just the truth, I think you need to wash your mouth out with soap.
Thankyou! Bros...It's a nice site i never seen before
It's a very nice site, but I disagree with 'just the truth' and the anonymous guest(prsumption of innocence).
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My mother, she sent some Oxford Programs Grammar Books for me to practice.
Do you think those are good?BEcause Oxford is one of Best English Programs in Vietnam
Hello Just The Truth. I have come across your posts a few times now, and I couldn't help but notice that, rather than working harmoniously with everyone else who tries to help people learn (which is what everyone but you seems to be doing), you seem to enjoy putting others' suggestions down. It seems to me like you are just trying to confuse people, and it's very unfair. You are obviously not here to learn, and your approach will no doubt make people not take you seriously, so what are you really here for? Why don't you suggest a useful site for this person, rather than opposing Mr. M's advice?