I've just started to research TEFL and have been finding mixed answers to an important question.
To those who are TEFL or have in the past, do I need to be certified before applying for jobs (probably in Asia). I am finishing my BA this semester and will have my degree before I apply for positions.

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Here in Canada you almost always need to be.

Consider also that you'll be a better teacher if you go through the certification course, in my opinion.

We help our ICAL TEFL graduates to look for work wherever they wish to teach in the world. In our experience it makes sense to hold all the relevant qualification before applying. You may be lucky and receive a job offer straight after applying. If this happens your employer will want to see your credentials and even have the originals so that any papers processing required for visa or work permit can be started.

Of course, if you are only a few weeks away form getting your Certificate then you can certainly afford to apply then!