Hello everyone,

I wrote a "project letter" to apply for a famous college in England. I was hoping to get some offline help from some people *** I beg you please MountainHiker *** to know what they think of my letter. I know this goes against the rules mentionned above but unfortunately, I cannot remove the personal information of my letter without it becoming a total non-sense and you will understand I do not want too much personal information posted here.

Anyway, I will gladly post some paragraphs with the associated comments from the kind people who would agree to help me so that everyone may have a use of it but if I could get someone to review the whole letter privately first, this would be very kind.

I am not sure if anyone can get my email so here goes: @hotmail.com

I have read many of your comments on other threads MoutainHiker and I would be most thankful if you would accept to exceptionally review my whole letter privately. Some help from anyone else would also be much appreciated.

Best regards.

P.S: I apologize for the poor English as I am not a native speaker.

You can me your message to my name (mountainhiker) @ gmail9dot9com. Remove the 9s and brackets as they are there to fool the spam bots.

Let me know you have sent something so I know that I need to go and look.


Thanks a lot for agreeing to help me. I sent you an email with the title "Project letter for ***". It is not coming from the e-mail address you thankfully editedEmotion: smile.

I am heading to sleep as it is running late in France - or should I say "very early".

Thanks again!