Hi all,

For a reason I definitely need to change my username, so I contacted one of the administrators of this site via PM accordingly, as I read so in FAQ. Then, I waited a couple of days, and got no reply yet.

This is my first time to use PM, so I'm not sure if it working or if there's any restrictions to use it.

Has anyone gone through this step to change the username? Am I making any mistake?

Thanks for you help. I appreciate you.

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Sometimes on the weekends we don't reply to e-mails or PMs since the admins also need a break. Emotion: smile Anyway, you did everything right. What nickname to you want to change yours to?
hi, thanks for the reply, though I feel a bit weird that we have this kind of conversation openly. (I know nothing to hide.)

Please change it to mitsuwao23

Thank you for your help.
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OK, done! You can use your new nickname to login now.
Thank you very much!

I read your post, and want to know how to contact any admin? because I want to change my username as well. And what is PM? any way!!

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Hi, There seems to be 10 of them.


From FAQ
-How do I change my user name? Send a PM to an administrator if it is absolutely necessary for you to change your user name, and they will get back to you.

-How do I start a conversation (send a private message (PM)) to another member? Either go to the profile of the member and you will see the option on the bottom left, or click on the mail icon next to a member's name in a post. Generally you must be friends with this member before being able to contact them. They also have to have "Allow conversations from friends" enabled in their profile. Some members will chose to allow conversations from all users, or no one, depending on their settings in their profile.

I hope these are helpful.
Genevieve, what do you want to change your name to? I can do that for you.

Mitsuwao made it clear already, but anyway - "PM" is a "Private Message". Emotion: smile
hi Ruslana

hmm.. I want to change it to "Genevieve".. thanks for your help
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