Hi all, im launching www site in english, but english is not my mother tongue so i need to check my grammar and others for this website. Site is about financial, investments, financial markets etc. Im willing to pay for that of course. If anybody interested please contact me at [removed by moderator; please register and leave it in your profile]

There are several highly qualified people in this forum who can fulfill your request. However, you must register, create a profile, and leave your contact details in your profile.
Good luck.
Hi, I can help you. Read my profile and e-mail me.
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Hi. I can help you. We are Dalton Language Institute and we teach English in USA and also do translations. If you want to make sure your translation is accurate, contact us. Email Removed
Hi I am a finalist of double bachlor, Business Administration with major in finance and B.A with major in English.Furthermore, I am a qualified ESL teacher and have been teaching English for the last six years, so I am good at business English as it is part of my major.I am a writer and have writen an ESL grammar book.I can help you if you need. You can see my articles on Hubpages named '''Globalization or Imperialisim" and Education and its key phases.


Sayed Mansoor Shah
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