I have a keen interest in solving crosswords. Can any one help me in giving valuable tips to solve crosswords?
I never really tried my hand at them so I'm not the best person to answer your question I'm afraid, however the best tips I can think of are to train your speed at association (which, i guess comes by practice)... and secondly there are books which give great advice on how to go about these little puzzles... My grand-mother had a book which had a hundred different words for each of 5000 different common crossward hints! If you like, I'll find you the name of the book, but I think that using such a cheat lessens the fun of unravelling the answer by yourself.. what do you think?
thank u very much caroline.
what u say is correct, with the aid of books the thrill in solving the crossword diminishes. but still u please send me the name of the book. thank u very much