I'm taking a correspondence course. These are some of the exercises that I need to submit. So please I need help from grammar exerperts thnaks.

Exercise 1: Identify each of the “ ____ ” words in the sentences as one of the following parts of the sentence:

1.Direct object

2.Indirect object

3.Predicate noun

4.Predicate adjective

A. I sent “her” an “email” yesterday to comfirm the date of the meeting.

email=direct object. her=indirect object.

B. Elton John is a pop “icon.”

icon=predicate noun. But I'm unsure? Need help.

C. She seemed “honest” , but I was deceived

honest=predicate adjective....... the word itself is a adjective....ex:the honest doctor.

D. Give “me” a break!

me=indirect object. Ex: give what? A break, to whom ... to “me”

is this one right?


Exercise 2: copy each sentence; identify the simple subject and the simple predicate.

a. It is a shame! it=subject is=verb

b.Will you go to a movie with me? you=subject go=verb

c. Janet has been singing in the choir for years. Janet=subject ...... the predicate I'm having trouble with... Is it "has been singing" or "singing" becuase "has been" are helping verbs. What is the "simple" predicate?

d. Through the dense bushes and into the open fields ran the white-tailed deer.

deer= subject. ran=verb

e. To win the gold medal is the goal of many athletes.

To win=subject is=verb (is this one correct?)

How are my answers looking?
A. -- OK

B. -- OK

C. -- OK

D. -- OK

a.-- bOK

b.-- you=subject will go=verb

c. What is the "simple" predicate? -- Has been singing

d. -- OK

e. -- OK
Thanks ,, this means alot.