I`m a German high school student and need help with a very difficult homework (at least for me it is)!!

We got a picture story that shows a man laying in his bed and pretending to sleep while a thief comes in. While the thief tries to steal something the man is stealing the wallet out of the thief`s pants.

My teacher wants me to do this:

So what I have to do is pretend to be the guy in the bed and write a letter to my wife whom I haven`t seen for like 10 days?!

If anyone needs help with German stuff contact me

I wrote this text and I`d be VERY pleased if you`d have the time to correct it:

Dear Dorothy,
how have you been? What are the kids doing? I hope everyone is fine.
I am fine, but the strangest thing happened last night.
I was exhausted after a long day and lay down on the bed at the hotel.
Suddenly I heard some weird noises. You won`t believe what I saw when I opened my eyes.
There was a thief climbing through the window that I left open to get some fresh air.
I didn`t know what to do and I was really scared so I pretended to be asleep.
But when he started digging into my stuff I got really mad even if the only thing I had
in that room was an old sandwich.
Anyway, I opended my eyes and was just about to yell at him when I saw a big wallet
looking out of his pants.
I still was very mad at the man so I just took his wallet without thinking about it. You can imagine how relieved I was when the thief left my hotel room.
There were about 900 Euros in the wallet so I won`t have to work as long as I told you.
I will call you immediately when I know the day I`m coming home.
I wish you and the children all the best. I miss you and hope to see all of you soon.
Kisses, Timothy
Very nicely done, it does sound like a real letter.

The only part I'd change is this:

through the window that I had left open to let in some fresh air.
Thanks sooo much Emotion: wink