A  : Did you hear what she just said  ?
B : No, I wasn't listening. I was thinking about someone else
I need some help on this conversation. These are my questions :
Why is the tense (B said) in the past ? How about's " am not listening/ am thinking" ? 
Maybe the action "think" is continuous because the girl has just said recently.
Thank you.
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First: It is better to type your text directly into the message box rather than copy and paste from some wordprocessing software, which in your case makes your type too small to read when I am trying to answer it. Thank you.

Now: It is possible that speaker B could use present continupus ('am not listening/thinking') instead of past continuous ('wasn't listening/thinking'), but then it would have a different meaning. In the original, B means that his lapse in attention happened in the past (when the girl spoke), but he could very well be paying attention to her now. If B uses the present continuous, however, it means that he is still not paying attention to her now.
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Your answer is simple and clear to me.Thank you so much.
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Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks a lot.