Kindly guide me on the below motivation letter. Today is the last day of submission if any one can help, i will be grateful.


After completed my Bachelors in Computer Science I have been lucky and feel proud to join Software Engineering profession which is a legitimate engineering discipline and a recognized profession. I had first work on an idea is to create a Virtual world; I still remember when I gathered requirements from the client and translated into reality called www.weblo.com. The launching moment had changed my life and creates a passion for Software and a created a firm believe on Software Engineering. In fact my interest started during my bachelors where I scored excellent grades in my Software Engineering subject's studied the Structural and object oriented Software Engineering.
Now more than 4 years of experience in the Software industry. I want to upgrade myself to the international software practice. There are number of certifications available like ICCP but EMSE, covers the KA defined by the Swebok project; chance to study in best universities of the world with close ties to industry. I would like to do an application-oriented project in the 2nd year of study using Open Source Software and Software engineering over the Internet. This will be my main inspiration in my final year project.
I am enclosing my motivation letter by quoting "Scientists extend our knowledge of the laws of nature while engineers apply those laws of nature to build useful artifacts, under a number of constraints.". I would like to be one of Engineers.
Given that today is your last day, you are on your own. There is nothing we can do in one day. We can't -- even if we wanted to, which we don't -- write your letter for you. We don't know you. Only you know you.

We could point out some flaws, but then you would need to reword and revise and recycle. With only one day left, there's no time. We are also loathe to act as copy editors. If we are working with an individual over several iterations, then yes, we will help point out flaws. But for a last minute rush job, no.

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Pay particular attention to the proofing tools in MS Word or Firefox. I am sure there are other tools out there as well.

Good luck.