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1. Choose the sentence that illustrates the correct agreement of subject and verb.

A. Either the students or the teacher have made a mistake.

B. Either the student or the teacher has made a mistake.

C. Neither Holly nor her sisters is going to the party.

2. Thousands of years ago, fish were caught in nets and traps. (Is the underlined word years a)

A. Verb B. Interjection C. Noun

3. Daedalus and his son Icarus were imprisoned in a great maze.( is the underlined word were imprisoned a..)

A.Adverb phrase B. Simple predicate C. Verbal

4. He made Icarus and himself a pair of wings (Is the undlerlined word Icarus and himself a)

A. Simple subject B. Indirect object C. Object of preposition

5. Her brother was the teacher, and her sister was the psychiatrist.( Is this scentence a ...)

A. Simple B. compound C. Complex

6.Determine which punctuation mark should be used in the scentence below.

In high school I enjoyed the following subjects--------shop, art class, lunch, and study hall

A. Colon B. Semicolon C. Ellipses

This looks like homework, Manu. Please try to answer the questions yourself, and we will check your work.
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