5. copy each sentence; underline the simple subject once and the simple predicate twice.

a. It is a shame! it=subject is=verb

b.Will you go to a movie with me? you=subject go=verb

c. Janet has been singing in the choir for years. Janet=subject ...... the predicate I'm having trouble with... Is it "has been singing" or "singing" becuase "has been" are helping verbs. What is the "simple predicate"?

d. Through the dense bushes and into the open fields ran the white-tailed deer.

deer= subject. ran=verb

e. To win the gold medal is the goal of many athletes.

To win=subject is=verb

How are my answers looking?
It had better you to try underline and we may correct your sentences. Emotion: smile There is no another way to learn language.
sorry, I can't underline on this computer.... this is a lesson exercise of a correspondence course i'm taking... I need some help with... Is it correct or not...I'm i on the right direction.