I'm estonian and I would be very happy, if someone could check my draft:

Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to apply for a job in the NH Imperial Playa Hotel and I ask you consider my application.
Though my personal qualification in a pharmacist, I have a strong motivation to be admitted and I would like to explain you why.

My everyday work concerns the pharmaceutical legislation, professional qualifications and further training. As a Head Pharmacist of the Estonian Pharmacists Association and an internationally recognized specialist, I have been several years in co-operation with different international organizations and institutions (WHO/EuroPharm Forum, Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union, BaltPharm Forum etc). Trough different projects and common activities I have gained a lot of experience in communicating and working with different kind of people.

After 5 years I have got the possibility to have 3 months vacation. I have been always very interested in hotel business and linguistic subjects. Therefore I am convinced that a job in an international high level quality hotel permit me to offer my personal contribution to the company`s objectives and I am sure that it provides me the expertise and personal interaction. Because of my position, I have visited most of European countries and as a visitor I have a lot of quality-hotel experience.
This year I planned to learn Spanish and I am sure I can learn and improve it surrounded by native speakers. I always like to come back to Gran Canaria, because of the beauty of the island, an its international but warm environment.

As a clear-headed and motivated person, I have taken part in many different actions. I have been as a trainee in Germany, a volunteer in France etc. I speak English, Finnish, Russian and my home language Estonian fluently, German in average level. I have studied French 11 years at school. The next goal is to learn Spanish. I started with it in February 2005.
As a responsible, hardworking person, I have been elected into the Council of the Jaani Protestant (Lutherian) Church in Tallinn. As a competing rider, I am physically and mentally in good shape.
I see myself as an enthusiastic, socially concerned and innovative member of the society. I have always worked hard to achieve all the professional and personal goals.

I would like you to consider my request and I look forward to a positive response.
I you have additional questions, don`t hesitate to contact me. At the end of April/beginning of May I am ready to come to the interview.

Yours faithfully,
Hello Guest

I would go straight into the offering of your services for a three month period and state why you will be good at hotel work i.e. language skills, any customer service experience.

The start about the pharmacy et is just too irrelevant to make it your first point of the letter. They may not read all the way through unless you grab their attention.

You need to sell your hospitality related skills more strongly.

Closing paragraph:

I hope you will consider my request and I look forward to hearing from you. I would be able to attend an interview at the end of April or beginning of May but if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you very much for your precious advice. I hope my grammar is not hopeless.