Here are various types of exercises that I can't quite puzzle out on my own.

Exercise 1. The words that can be used in the following sentences are: argument, fight, feud, row. One is obviously extra.

1. The police soon arrived and broke up the ..... feud between the two street gangs.
2. I had a ..... with my parents about going to a party.
3. There was a disagreement in the town about the proposal to build more houses. In the end, the ........ was won by the developers.

Exercise 2. Choosing the right word.

1. Don't take that road. There's always very ..... traffic along there.
1. hard 2. strong 3. powerful 4. heavy

2. The tea is too ....... for me. Could you bring me some hot water?
1. hard 2. strong 3. powerful 4. heavy

3. He is a very ..... smoker. He gets through two and a half packet a day.
1. hard 2. strong 3. powerful 4. heavy

4. Half way up the mountain there was a ........ where climbers could stay over night.
1. bungalow 2. hut 3. cottage 4. bedsit

Exercise 3: No options given, it's about multi-part verbs.

1. After talking it..... with my parents, I decided not to go to the disco.

2. My brother always kicks ....... a fus when he's told to go to bed.

3. You can borrow my book, but don't go..... with it .

4. My teacher keeps getting...... me because I haven't finished my project.
I'm not a native speaker but my intuition says:

Ex. 1.:

Ex. 2.:

2) kicks up a fuss
4) getting at me???
Ops, in the first one, there shouldn't be any feud. Don't know how the word got there. Emotion: big smile