A. But the man skilled in all ways of contending,
satisfied by the great bow’s look and heft,
like a musician, like a harper, when
with quiet hand upon his instrument
he draws between his thumb and forefinger
a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly
Odysseus in one motion strung the bow.
1. In the passage, what extended comparison does Homer use to complete this analogy: archer : bow ::
A. composer : instrument.
B. peg : string.
C. musician : harp.
D. hand : forefinger.

2. The comparison suggests that, like the musician, Odysseus
A. is nervous before he begins.
B. works with a stringed instrument.
C. is proficient in music.
D. knows his instrument and where to get good strings.

B. Think of a catch that fishermen haul in to a half-moon bay
in a fine-meshed net from the whitecaps of the sea:
how all are poured out on the sand, in throes for the salt sea,
twitching their cold lives away in Helios’ fiery air:
so lay the suitors heaped on one another.

1. Based on this passage, what comparison completes this analogy? Odysseus : suitors ::
A. big fish : little fish.
B. hunter : catch.
C. Odysseus : enemies.
D. fisherman : fish.

2. The comparison suggests that
A. Odysseus was also a good fisherman.
B. the suitors had as much chance against Odysseus as fish have when they are caught in a net.
C. something fishy was going on in Ithaca, and Odysseus had to correct it.
D. the setting of much of the epic is the Greek isles, where fishing is an important industry
First, which answers do you choose, Anonymous?
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For A question 1 I answered A and for question 2 I answered B

For B question 1 I answered D and for question 2 I answered B

Thanks so much for your help
You got 50%. You'd better re-read the Odyssey.

A1 - C
A2 - B
B1 - D
B2 - B
yes I will read it again, thanks
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Coimbra1970I will read it again
And there's no shame in that. I've read it at least 5 or 6 times in various translations. A wonderful book!
Welcome to English Forums, Coimbra.

I got CBDC. I wonder if D is right for B 1


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