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I am writing a journal article on African agriculture. I am trying to make a point that cotton and maize are important crops.

Should I write:

1. Cotton and maize are important crops in African agriculture.
..... or .....
2. Cotton and maize are important crops to African agriculture.
..... or .....
3. Cotton and maize are important crops for African agriculture.

I tried using a dictionary but it did not help much. Also if someone could why one sentence is correct/better than the others.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Jeff

You might also say:

1. Cotton and maize are both important crops in African agriculture.

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I would use it lake this:

"Forestry Agriculture is extremely important to the Bolivian economy .."

Common structure is "important to"
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I think you could elaborate in each case a slightly different meaning, and that they would complement each other. Was it Lincoln who coined the phrase "Of the people, for the people,
and by the people"? All have their place, if from a slightly different position. EDIT: Agriculture can be the soil, the economy, or the farmers- right?
lookfar, thanks for the reply.

I want to use that sentence as the lead-in-sentence to a paragraph that describes how cotton and mazie are important to both the farm households as sources of income and staple foods, as well as to the naiton as a source of export earnings (cotton). Within that paragraph would be specific imprtances of the crops to different segments of society. so i guess my question is better asked as which of the three is best suited as a lead-in?

You did clarify for me that any of the three, if used properly, would be correct.

Thanks again and look forward to any further input you or anyone else might have.

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