I always get confused about the greeting messages/notes,
one of my friend/colleague is leaving the current job and moving on.

I have bought a book (on cooking, he loves food), but I am confused what to write on it as a parting message (some one/two liners).

I am also confused about how the message should be structured,
should I be like
Wish you all the best for all your future endeavors (this is just a sample, I want to write a better one!).
From xxxx

or, should it be structured in some other way?

Could anyone help?
Hi Saiko, and welcome to the forums.

You can use the "to" and "from" but it's not necessary if you're friends with this person.


I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! You'll be greatly missed here, but when you make something delicious from this book, I hope you'll think fondly of your friends at [name of company]!

"Now every day, as you prepare your meal, you will be reminded of your time with us at xxxxxx Co."
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Thanks Grammar Geek for your reply.
It was really helpful and things are much clear now.

I would like to give this book personally, not on behalf of my company,

The guy is a foodie and loves to eat...and the book about 365 dishes, 1 per day.
I have been trying to weave these two things into a nice message, but failed to come up with a decent one.

I not a writer type, and even worse when it comes to this kind of situation. Emotion: sad
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