Thank you for putting together this forum. It's a great help to me.

I appreciate if somebody answers my question.

I am planning to take IELTS General Training test very soon.
Currently I am practicing writing essays for part two of writing section.

I know that I will be given 40 min. to write this essay.

My question is

Will I be given a rough paper where I can plan and write a draft
before we can write the final essay on separate clean paper?
(I didn't opt for computer based test)


Do we need to write the essay perfectly at first time itself?
(No additional white pages will be given?)

Thank you for your help.

I don't know what pieces of paper you will be given. Perhaps someone else can advise you. However, you say

I know that I will be given 40 min. to write this essay.

I wouldn't think you will have time to write and copy a draft. I think you'd be better off spending your time planning, writing once, and then checking what you have written.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thank you Clive.

I got my IELTS test results(General training).

I got a band score of 7.0

I had prepared for 1 week. So I am happy with the band score I got.

Thank for very much for this forum and valuable information you guys post for each others help.