Hi , can any one correct my mistakes in the below mail:
To: POLARIS Team and users of DA4 and QA4

If you are not planning to use POLARIS SAP Landscape this weekend & next week, you may disregard this message. Note: This notification is sent once in a week on every Friday. Weekday maintenance is need based and users can check anytime during the week to find up to date scheduled outages. System Outages for POLARIS Landscape for weekend and next week The following sheets show the anticipated system outages for the POLARIS landscape for this weekend and next week. Weekend Outages (Friday evening to Monday Morning) Next week Outages (Monday evening to Friday evening) If you are unable to access this sheet, please contact Jim Ziehr for folder access.

If you have any questions contact Landscape team

(Tom Sullivan , Dan Voetberg , Raj Kumar)
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... this weekend or next week, ...
... is sent once a week every Friday.
(Hyphenation is key.)

"System Outages for POLARIS Landscape for weekend and next week" is a sentence fragment. Is it supposed to be a title of some sort? If so, it's fine, but if not, then you just can't do that.
Anyway, it should be "for this weekend"
Monday morning: "morning" does not need to be capitalised unless it is part of a title or heading, in which case "evening" should be capitalised as well. Same goes with the rest of the stuff: capitalise it only if it's part of a heading.

"Next week Outages" should be either "Outages Next Week" or "Next Week's Outages" (I'm assuming that it's a heading; don't capitalise it if it's not).

If you have any questions, please contact the Landscape team (Tom Sullivan, Dan Voetberg, and Raj Kumar).