I am preparing to submit a letter of intent to apply for a management position with my employer (UPS). I have included a rough draft of my letter here. Any comments or corrections will be greatly appreciated.

___My name is Eric . I am currently a full-time driver in our Fort Myers facility. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to express my sincere desire to be considered for a full-time supervisory position with United Parcel Service.

___I began my career with UPS as a package handler in August, 1995. Since then, I have endeavored to excel as much as possible within our organization. While being successful in the preload operation, I yearned to gain knowledge in as many areas as possible. At the first opportunity, I began driving air-exception work in the mornings, including on Saturdays. Soon, I found myself driving full routes as a cover driver. Often, I would volunteer for other duties including, but not limited to, airport shuttles, working the reload shift, and working on holidays. In short, I have sought to take advantage of every opportunity that has been made available to me.

___As a full-time driver, I continue to employ these work ethics and believe a career is a journey in which we never stop learning. Furthermore, I feel that one’s character and involvement within the community is of equal importance. While at UPS, I have been active in the community. I participated with other UPS employees in aiding victims of Hurricane Charley. In addition, I visited the area several more times helping elderly residents in need. My wife and I help many organizations including Big Brothers/Sisters, Girl/Boy Scouts of America, and several local law enforcement agencies. Seasonally, we “adopt” families within our community so that they may provide gifts for their children. I also remain at a leadership level in giving to the United Way.

___I strive to stay involved. I have been a member of the safety committee since my start with UPS and am active in helping grow the business by submitting sales leads. Also, I am preparing myself by attending college. I am presently pursuing a B.S. – Business Administration/Marketing degree at Columbia Southern University. I am confident this will help me at UPS in any capacity.

___In addition to experience and education, I soundly believe that good work ethics, integrity, and an ambition to succeed will help make me a prime candidate for management. I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss my future at United Parcel Service.

First, great letter.

Second, are you sure you want your full name on the Web with company information. You might want to delete private information in advance. If you have difficulty, leave me a note, and I will address.

Third, I would do some additional things:

a) Go through the company's annual report/10K. Find out what the company's key goals are. And then tailor your letter as to how you can help address those goals. If you require help in getting the company's 10K report, please leave me a message at mountainhikerstuff99 @ gmail dot com. Please remove the stuff99 from the address. That is there as a security/spam measure. I will forward you a copy of the 10K report. You can the investor relation information (Annual Report & Stats) [url="http://www.shareholder.com/ups/"]here at this link[/url]: / (click underlined portion). Should you need any help with the annual report, please feel free to ask. I understand financial information much better than I do English.

b) Find out "which" supervisory position it is that you are seeking. Then tailer it to that position.

c) Because you have made such an effort, make sure your letter reaches the highest levels. You might wish to send your letter to the CEO.

d) You should probably work your performance appraisal into the letter somewhere.

There are a couple subtle changes I would make, but I will let you investigate and make some subtle changes.

Great letter, obviously.

Although keeping the position you are seeking general is U.P.S. specific, and I would not recomend sending it to the C.E.O. I believe the ranks should be observed.