I want to apply for a master degree at University of Regena. They recommend me to contact the professor before applying for it. I have no idea about what to ask for, and how to write this letter? Could someone give me some ideas about this letter. Thanks for any suggestion.

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Start by spelling it Regina. I have no idea what you want, so write up a first draft of the letter and post it here, and we'll help you develop it. Begin with Dear Dr._______.
Hi Mister Micawber ,

Thank you very much for your reply. I am not whether there is an University of Regina, but University of Regena is an university in Saskatchewan, Canada. The following is my draft. I hope you could help me to revise it. Thanks a lot for your time.

Dear Dr. ____

I am Tom, whom just graduated from UBC with a Bachelar of Science degree in Computer Science. I find that I am very interested in the computer technique and I want to be a little stronger in database field. Your university provides some programs in which I am very interested. But I am not sure whether you will get more master students next fall term. If so, would you mind that I send my resume to you first so that you could decide to be my supervisor or not if I were selected by your university next year?

Thanks for your time.

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Now let me get this straight: you are a University of British Columbia graduate, but cannot spell Regina, the capital of your neighboring province?

Please do some internet research on the institution that you wish to attend before you start writing letters to it or its staff. Find out the specific names of the program and courses you are interested in. Do not ask the professor to be your supervisor until you have been enrolled in the program. Refer to yourself and sign using your full name: Tom Jones. Learn how to spell the name of your degree: Bachelor of Science.

to whom it concerns

i am an undergraduate student who wants to contact a professor who is a friend of my farher's friend's in one of the famous American universities.i do not know how to write a proper letter eo introduce myself and ask for his help.

i would reaalr appreciate if someone could tell me how to do it in a right way.

your honestly

Rita J Jue

I am reposting the following on behalf of Anonymous, whose original post I unfortunately lost:

Dear Dr. ZXC

I am Jessica who graduated from university of xyz in BSC degree in Mathematics and BA degree in Computational Science from University of ABC. I am very interested in Software engineering Master’s program which is provided by your university. Would you please see my CV and scanned transcripts to decide to be my supervisor if I will be selected by your university in the next fall?

Thank you very much.

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Hello Jessica,

It is unrealistic to expect a professor to commit to being your supervisor if you are not yet a student. If you wish to write to the the professor and ask for an informal assessement of your qualifications for enrollment, you might write it like this:

Dear Dr. ZXC:

I graduated from the University of Xyz with a BSc degree in Mathematics (year) and from the University of Abc with a BA degree in Computational Science (year). I am very interested in the Software Engineering master’s program which is offered by your university. I would be very grateful if you were able to take the time to examine my CV and transcripts (attached) and advise me as to my possible acceptance for admission to your program.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and for any comments you could give me.
Sincerely yours,

Jessica [family name]
[contact information]
thanks,yours is best.
I am very interested in the Software Engineering master’s program which is offered by your university.

You should say "The master's program that is offered by your university".
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