I am Karthik from India and I am preparing for competitive exams. Reading Comprehension (RC) is a major part of these exams. RC passages (in these exams) are of high English standard and from diverse topics. Hence to improve my Reading speed and comprehending ability, I am looking for some sites, which will have essays/articles/passages of very good English. If these passages have diversified topics and use long/complex English sentences, it will be an added advantage.

Please help me in this regard and suggest me something.
Ur reply will be of immense help in my career.

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i am also preparing for competive exams in pakistan i may send u books for u if u want
New Yorker is also a great magazine which you can read on line for free. www.newyorker.com

And I find this site quite useful too: www.reason.com

Hope it helps.

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whatever is  said and suggested here is really of help............. thanks a lot
Karthik, I think you already know high standard English.