I am Karthik from India and I am preparing for competitive exams. Reading Comprehension (RC) is a major part of these exams. RC passages (in these exams) are of high English standard and from diverse topics. Hence to improve my Reading speed and comprehending ability, I am looking for some sites, which will have essays/articles/passages of very good English. If these passages have diversified topics and use long/complex English sentences, it will be an added advantage.

Please help me in this regard and suggest me something.
Ur reply will be of immense help in my career.

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Hello Karthik,

Welcome to EnglishForward. How about starting with [url=" "]WIKIPEDIA[/url]?
Hi Micawber, Thanks for your suggestion. I did go thru the site and it was interesting and it was as diversified as I had expected. This should of some help to me!!!
Though this site helps me to increase my horizon of knowledge, English language used was relatively easy and hence I would be doubly glad if you could guide me to some other similar sites where the English level is pretty high. (any online English magazines, or opinion based articles or something like that, but shud be FREE).

Expecting more,
(completed Engineering and currently working)
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Hi Karthik,

There seems to be a lot of stuff out there, if you get your browser busy:

[url="http://www.afe.org/journal.html "]This one[/url] for example allows access to one free issue.

There is also plenty to read in [url="http://www.nytimes.com /"]The NY Times[/url] and [url="http://www.ebusinessforum.com /"]The Economist website[/url] and such sites.

Why don't you just google for topics of interest?
Try this web page:
http://etext.library.adelaide.edu.au /
you'll find many free e-books.
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Ur refrences are quite useful. thanks!!!
btw, I am not specific abt topics rather I wanna read even topics that I havent heard bfr, so that I can diversify my knowledge and thats y I am not googling.
Pls send more if u hav any!!
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Explore National Geographic, it offers a lot for free. For instance,
Thanks Elena.....

This forum is really gud!! When I posted my question, I did not expect this much help from u ppl. Thanks for the links you provide and I am able to browse diverse topics. At the sametime, I am yet to get some links where there r articles with 'high level' (tough) English. In the sense, I wanna read articles which can't be comprehended at the first read. If u ppl can throw some light, I will be grateful....

I think you had better work on getting your own English up to standard before you go looking for any more difficult language, Karthik.

want to
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