I would like to apply for a postgraduate programme.
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Any comments on it ? Is it too short ?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am applying for the Postgraduate Diploma of Information Technology Management, as this is my first step
to pursue the Master of Management in Information Technology.

With over 18 years of experience dealing with technical aspect of IT, and now as a Technical Manager, I do feel
a need to see the context from other side. Having two certifications, PMP and CSM ( Certified Scrum Master ),
indeed help me a that purpose. But yet, this is still not enough. Having an MMIT will definitely increase confidence
in my abilities to think "out of box", as well as to bolster my career progression.

There are many specific reasons why I want to pursue the MMIT at [xyz]. I've compared the MMIT subjects from various university.
To name the few, the academic reputation, the availability of an extensive range of courses, and the online courses, perfectly suit my

I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this programme. I would be grateful if my application for this programme is considered and accepted.

Yours faithfully,
xxx xxx
Anyone please ?
Anyone please ? I really need your help, comments, suggestions, etc.
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Anyone please ? Thanks.
Anyone please ? Thank you.
Nobody would help me out ?
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Anything wrong with the above letter ? Thanks for your advice.