My english teacher assigned us an assignment for our class. It was to write a persuasive essay on what ever topic. We had to write it in a persuasive way to convince the audience to agree with the writer. I did Underage Drinking. We had to put 6 persuasive techniques in the essay.

So I need help, I need all these things for Underage Drinking in the essay:
Figure of Speech

I have two rite now
Rhetorical Question-Should you drink and drive?
Anecdote- About the event in Michigan about underage drinkers going into Michigan

So can anyone just help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be checking it at about 7:00 A.M. tomorow so post lots before than please help me out thanks!
Hello Eatmorchikin

I suppose the obvious analogy would be with under-age sex.

You could use 'parallelism' in that context: 'With under-age drinking, XYZ'/'With
under-age sex, ABC'.

You could make a historical allusion to prohibition in the USA. Do laws about
under-age drinking have the same effect as prohibition, and encourage the
very phenomenon they're meant to prevent? Or if you're so inclined,
allude to Dionysus. The original under-age drinker.

Figures of speech: there's endless scope here. Use colourful similes to
describe how you felt after your first intensive bout of under-age
drinking. Personify that first bottle of Scotch. (Very probably it
personified itself.) That sudden unsteady rush to the bathroom
next morning. And all those ready-made metaphors for the effects of
one too many. Talking to Ralph on the big white telephone etc. The
list is endless.

I don't see how "figure of speech", "allusion", etc. are "persuasive techniques". One could use any of these in any sort of writing, not necessarily writing which attempts to persuade.

Convince the reader of the benefits of wanted behavior - on himself - on others.
Convince the reader of the costs of the unwanted behavior - on himself - on others.

(These seem to me to be persuasive techniques.)

Well, just my two cents.
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