Hey guys, i was just given an assignment to do a comparative commentary on a poem and an essay.. however, i dont understand what the poem is talking about, moreover analysing it! Please help!! I just need help on what do you think the structure and purpose of this poem.. or maybe style of writing?? I DONT UNDERSTAND A BIT!!
need help desperately.. Emotion: embarrassedEmotion: sad

World Cup

It is, after all, a kind
Of music, an elaborating of themes
That swell and subside, which
In the converting of open spaces
Take on a clean edge.
A throw, a chip,
A flick, Wilson to Charlton,
To Moore, to Hunt, to Greaves -
The ddiagonals cross, green space is charmed

A precise moment, balletic in ordained
Agility, with the players as if magnetised
Moving intoplaces seemingly allotted them
- They seem from above to be pushed like counters
And only the fluffed pass, the momentary
Crudity disconcerting as a clerical oath,
Destroys the illusion. A goal restores it.

Arms raised like gladiators, they embrace.
Human emotions swamp them, childishly even
For such protagonists of perfection.
- And involved in this mixture
Of the fallible and the dreamy,
The percussive and the lilting, they demonstrate
How art exists on many levels, spirit
And matter close-knit as strangling lianas.
You do realise it is about football (the type the US calls soccer)...
Its about when england won the football world cup in 1966 and the expresion of the beautiful game Emotion: football as art.
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The word "soccer" originated as an Oxford "-er" slang abbreviation of "association", and was popularized in the late nineteenth century by a prominent English footballer, Charles Wreford-Brown.