I am a Chinese guy who have stayed in Australia for a few years, I can speak English pretty fluently now, but I still have a big confusion in pronouncing the letter "R" and "v", and also when pronouncing these letters in a word.

Here is how i pronounce them,
Basically, I just pronounce "R" as "W", for example:
"read", i will pronounce it as "weed",
"roll", i will pronounce it as "woll"
and it sounds pretty much the same. I know its incorrect, but does any of you pronounce the same way as I do? And whats the correct way to pronounce it?

I heard you need to roll your toungue a bit to touch the upper palate to pronounce it. I try it and I find its relatively easy to pronounce the first r in a word, such as read, red etc. But I find it hard to do the same when the letter r is in the middle of a word such as:
Reference do you still roll your tounge at the second r?
I usually just pronounce it as refence to be simple.

Also, to pronounce V or F in a word, do you tend to use the lower lip to touch the upper teeth to pronounce it, or just "intend" to blow it(mayb u touched ur teeth a bit, but wasn't intended). I usually just blow the "v" or "f" with lips touching nothing.Is this correct or acceptable?

You guys should be expert, since you are native speakers. Please teach me, your help is deeply appreciated.
One major difference between r and w is that you have to close your lips together and purse them to make a w, and they do not close at all for r. If you can crack that, it'll help you a lot.

For 'f' and 'v' yes you do have to touch your bottom lip with your upper front teeth. If you have a problem with F you can take a much firmer 'bite' of your lip with both upper and lower teeth and you should get a good strong 'f' sound. This is what we do when we want to emphasis the F strongly or loudly.
Thank you very much for the help. Now I know better.

But to pronounce w, you don't totally shut the lips do you? You still leave a gap between them?

Also, I think I know how to pronounce "R" now after some practice, but it is difficult to pronounce it with all the words that have r in middle. such as:

Fi"r"st, drive"r", refe"r"ence, a"r"ticle. Do you pronounce the "r" sound in the middle in these words?

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You are correct about w. It is a lot like the vowel u (in cool or who) but it is always follwed by another vowel.

Yes, we pronounce r in the middle of words. It's hard to describe the English r sound. I believe it is similar to the r in Mandarin, if that helps.
Here is how i pronounce them,
Basically, I just pronounce "R" as "W", for example:
"read", i will pronounce it as "weed",
"roll", i will pronounce it as "woll"
You are rounding your lips too much, and you are not raising your tongue enough.
To produce the /r/ you need to raise your tongue toward the front part of the roof of your mouth without actually touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The key is "close without touching".
The way you produce the sound is the same whether the /r/ is initial or medial or final in American English.
In British English "r" after a vowel generally lengthens the vowel rather than having an /r/ sound of its own.

/v/ and /f/ do require the upper teeth to touch the lower lip, yes. But don't close too tight or you won't be able to blow air out to produce the sound!

Yes you close your mouth up with the w. Your lips are just as if you were about to kiss someone!

If you learn British English you don't have to worry about pronouncing most 'r's, as we only really pronounce them at the start of words. If they are in the middle or end we don't sound them fully, we just lengthen the sound before.

eg: art

American: art

English: aaaht.
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You guys should be expert, since you are native speakers. Please teach me, your help is deeply appreciated.

It depends on what the native speaker does for his or her living. Most layperson native speakers wouldn't be able to help you accomplish certain sounds, especially not without meeting you face-to-face. For that, you need an educated teacher of English.
Pronouncing R:

- clench teeth together and smile big

- roll tongue to touch the top palate

- DO NOT allow your lips to come together (like puckering for a kiss) - keep lips seperated!

Continue to practice like this!
Hi I need help with pronouncing an english r. When you say roll your tongue up to almost touch the roof of your mouth to produce an r, do you use the tip of the tongue bit to produce the r sound because I always thought you produced an r with the back of your tongue near the throat? Is your tongue just before the aveolar ridge (sp?) i.e. between your teeth and the ridge, under it, or behind it? I can't roll my r's but I can manage two "flaps" which sounds like a rolled r. For an english r is your tongue in the same position as for a rolled r only slightly lower? Hope somone can answer my questions! Thanks
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