Hi teachers,

Which one of these questions is the correct one?

a) Who doesn't know anything according to Dr. Wilson's opinion?

b) Who doesn't know anything in Dr. Wilson's opinion?

Thanks in advance
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Are they supposed to be questions or statements?

I can see the question marks but......
They are supposed to be questions, and the answers is "Robert doesn't".

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and the answers are.....

I didn't see robert in the question!
bar9onI didn't see robert in the question!
You didn't see 'Robert' because it's the answer to the question, "Who...?"

There is of course a text with a conversation,. That's where I took the question from.Emotion: nodding

Anyway, which is the best option 'a' or 'b'?

b for me....
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Thank you very much. Why not 'a'? Is it wrong?
According to me, both are right.
I would rephrase the question.

According to Dr. Wilson which person/student..................
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