Hi guys ^_^I'm a Nursing Student and I need some advice on how to improve my speech and grammar. I was so embarrased today because I can't even write a five sentence paragraph.I'm not sure if the problem is on my grammar or I just had a mental block.So what are the best way to improve english?Reading book about grammar is ok but sometimes applying it in a real world is kinda hard.

I'm a nursing student I know english is very important on that profession because.I was thinking about enrolling on english class(refresh class)
If you can join a class, it's the best thing to do.
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Language is an art. You can master it only by practice. It is not learning some grammar rules and not practicing which will make you write fluently. If you want to speak, practice speaking. If you want to write, practice writing.

Art is different from science.

In medical science, you learn something, remember it, and apply when you need it. But in Language, you need practice to apply.

Sorry to hear about your less than positive results concerning your written English! You are correct that reading a book about English grammar is definitely difficult to do and especially to ....enjoy!

My advice as a professional ESL American English online teacher is that you should read as much English as you can and not just study grammar! You need to understand grammar and vocabulary in context so that you can incorporate these words and phrases into your own English language skills when you are writing and speaking! Read stories, news articles, and keep up-to-date in regards to your professional nursing skills ........by reading and keeping informed! You should also LISTEN to native speakers as much as possible! You can listen online to podcasts, film trailers, radio programs, news, etc., and most of these websites also offer audio files and transcripts that you can download and use to study English offline!

You can also try taking lessons with an online ESL teacher who is a Mother Tongue or Native Speaker (the same thing) who can create an individualized learning program especially designed for you so that you can quickly refresh and improve your English language skills.

Formula to successfully improve your English language skills:
Reading + writing + listening = Improved comprehension = Significantly improved speaking skills

Of course, in the end, it is all up to you! Just how motivated are you to improve your English? Are you willing to put in that extra effort to take your English language skills up to the next level? If your answer is..... yes.....then you just need to find a qualifed teacher who can help you reach your goals!

I wish you all the best in your personal and professional endeavors!

I'm a teacher from Elanguest language School in malta- I suggest watching some films or documentaries in English- listening to people is a great way to improve your skills. Using Audio books is also an idea.

Enrolling in a course will obviously be the best thing to do as you will be immersed in the language.

Hope this helps Emotion: smile
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