Tell me how to use "especially" to make a properly sentence? Give me some of examples that might clarify me. Thanks.
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'Especially' meaning something akin to 'very', but stronger, is an adverb that simply intensifies the adjective or adverb it is associated with.

"He is an especially bright student." "He sings especially well."

Hope this helps.

I'll cite what is written about "especially" in my pocket dictionary.

1. to an unusual degree; in particular:

  • She loves animals, especially dogs.

  • The Irish, especially, are proud of their tradition.

  • The car is rather small especially if you have a large family.

  • He was disappointed with the mark in exam especially as he had worked so hard for it.
2. for a particular purpose :

  • I made this especially for you.
3. for a particular purpose :

  • It's not an especially difficult exam.

  • "Do you like jazz?" "Not especially."

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This new system does not allow us to edit after we have posted. I'd like to edit an example sentence in the previous posting.

  • He was disappointed with the mark in the exam especially as he had worked so hard for it.
Hi Paco,

I put this post edit problem on the Help forum earlier today. Haven't received a reply yet. But I do anticipate a solution, because we all want an available option to correct something we might have missed in the preview.
Hi Davkett

Thanks. I too have just sent an e-mail to moderators to complain about it. As I'm a non-native user of English, I makes a lot of mistypes and miseditions. If this system continues to be as it is now, I should be very careful in posting questions and replies. But I am quite uncertain whether I could be always so careful.

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You are right paco. I also see no point in having an "edit" button when it can't be utilized.
I'm posting to see if I can find the edit button! It's a new format, and I'm just trying to get used to it all. Emotion: smile
Yup. Found the edit button; apparently the time limit is about a nano-second! I guess we'll all get used to things, and the glitches wiill be ironed out in time.
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