I have been searching for this particular tune that was on a compilation album. one of those like 'Now thats what i call music' or one of those types. It was in 1995 about July and the lyrics go like this.


I need your loving inside,

I need your loving inside,

i need your loving inside'


I need to know

is our love to be

together forever, endlessly

me for you and you for me e e e


then at the end it goes like......i need you , love you , got to have you in my li-i-i--i-ife.


It has quite a strange sound to it, almost oriental a womans voice quite squeeky and high pitched.

I know it was on an album with various atrists and it was on a cassette tape in 1995 about Jun-july ish and would sooooooooooo much love to get hold of this particular song

any magicians out there???

All the best

angi a1 at ross.tc
Did you try with Google?


I know this song too and have it on a old tape Emotion: smile
If i find it i'll send it over Emotion: smile

The type is : Drum & bass (soft) : a lot of little rythm sounds shorts and fast with a high female voice flotting over it Emotion: smile
But i don't remember the title

Have an idea ?

May the music never stop