I am programming a new software to be called "Synonymizer". This software will replace synonyms in any text, for vocabulary enrichment and other purposes.

The software is in alpha state, what means it is already functional, although incomplete.

We compiled a synonym list, as a .txt plain file, rating the degree of word equivalence: 100, 80 or 60%.

This list is short (less than 1000 words) and we need to enlarge it using any synonym list or dictionary. However, we cannot get a good one. Most thesaurus are coded inside a software or website, and we cannot export the word list to a plain file.

Anyone who can contribute such a list will be rewarded: credits in the software screen, free copies of the final software, or even a few dollars. (we are smart but poor Third World programmers!)

We are also adding some other writing-help tools, like a word frequence analyzer, in order to make a nice tool.

Thanks for any input!


I want to add that the version you can download for free at synonymizer.com is limited to 9 attempts.
A short update on this project. It is ready and working now. To those who want to try it and maybe write a short review, I can provide the version 1.0. It can be downloaded from www.synonymizer.com for free.

I would also like to ask to the linguists around what is the limit before plagiarism, while applying synonyms to a copyrighted text. I could not find any precise data so far...


Synonymizer (aka Serigo Samoilovich)
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